THE AMERICAN PETROLEUM INSTITUTE hereby grants to VORONEZH MECHANICAL PLANT (Voronezh, Russia) the right to use the Official Monogram API on manufactured products under the conditions specified in the official publications of the American Petroleum Institute entitled API Spec Q1 and Spec. 6, 6D, 11V1, 16A, 16C, 16D, 17D and in accordance with the provisions of the License Agreement. 
The American Petroleum institute reserves the right to revoke this authorization to use the Official Monogram, for any reason satisfactory to the Board of Directors of the American Petroieum Institute.
System of certification "Oboronsertifika". The union of Certification gives the certificate of conformity for #00011/RU from February, 09, 2000 certifying, that system of quality with reference to production of common industrial assignment (codes of OKP: 36600, 421300, 513100, 513200, 346800, 485800) by development, manufacture, repair, a service, author's and guarantee supervision corresponds(meets) to requirements of GOST R ISO 9001-96
 TUV CERT , ISO 9001.
The premium of the government of the Russian Federation is awarded in the field of quality for reachings of significant results in the field of quality of production (services), and also for introduction of high-performance methods of quality management.
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