Voronezh Mechanical Plant (VMP): upsurge at new century.

General Director Mochalin Igor
General Director of Voronezh Mechanical Plant (VMP)
The federal state unitary plant "the Voronezh mechanical factory" with more than 75 years history of machine manufacturing is nowadays a complex multidirectional enterprise as a robust machine producer for different industries.
The plant backbone is the production of liquid rocket engines. Liquid rocket engines for space launch vehicles: "Soyuz", "Soyuz-TM", "Progress", "Proton"; space stations: "Salyut", "Mir" and unique space complex "Energia-Buran" have been produced during the latest ten years. As the result the most advance - "space" technologies were acquainted during these years, new steels and alloys were developed, and new testing equipment was manufactured and used.
The plant has extended its operation activity, developed and started to manufacture a wide range of new industrial equipment: meat processing equipment, fuel dispensers, complex oil and gas equipment, turbine-compressor units, complex and labor consuming components of modern high power diesel engines and the similar industrial products.
The VMP oil and gas equipment production has a significant effect on the whole direction of this industry. API certification of the VMP products according to 6 API specifications has became the promotion of VMP as a world leading equipment producer for the production, transfer and processing of oil and gas.
The achievements of the VMP peoples were marked many times with Russian Government Prizes in the fields of Science and Technology and for quality achievements. ISO 9001 Certification confirms high quality standard of all VMP produced products.
We are sure of Russian industry future and we apply all our knowledge and experience to solve the tasks of new LRE and other products manufacturing.
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