OIL and GAS equipment (OGE) - steel keys for earth storehouse.

The collaboration of “Gazprom” and VMP in this field was marked by Russian Federation government Price in 1995 and Golden medal of International Exhibition of Inventions, Scientific Investigation and Industrial Innovations “Bruxelles-Eureka”, 1995. The long-term cooperation has led to serial production of import substituting equipment for production, transport and processing of petroleum and gas. In 1998, VMP was awarded with Russian Federation government Price for quality, Silver medal and diploma of competition “The best 100 products of Russia”.

Development and production OGE are certified by the American Petroleum Institute (API) under 7 Specifications — 6A, 6D, 11V1, 16A, 16C, 16D, 17D — with the right of marking the monograms on production articles.


Nowadays more the 110 title sets of OGE is produced by VMP in different combinations.

The equipment with VMP mark has recommended as safety and reliable in operation in field conditions of Russia, Central Asia, Far East, on the shelf of Arctic and Caspian.
Competitiveness of oil and gas equipment is mastered by utilization of double purpose technologies developed for liquid rocket and aviation piston engine production. Among then are:
  • precision castinngs;
  • new geberation of sealing materials, including memory form effect;
  • metal-to-metal seal design, reliably operating at pressures 70-105 MPa in agressive environment.
Main operation characteristics:
  • applied classes of a material are from AA to FF on API 6A according to product destination;
  • operating medium temperature — form -60 to +100 °C;
  • hostile environment — H2S up to 35% and CO2 up to 20%;
  • operating pressure — from 14 up to 105 ÌÏà;
  • drift diameter — up to 450 ìì;
  • PSL Level — PSL 1, PSL 2, PSL 3

Christmas tree and well head equipment provide optimum well operating conditions, well intra-, inter- and outer casing room capsulation, maintenance, deep probe and sample investigation, monitoring well temperature and pressure.

Casing and drill-pipe pressure test installation.

The manifold is intended for guaranteed circulation, capsulation and regulation of operating liquids, oil and gas during all phases of drilling, operation, and repair with the purpose of security of operation, preserving of ejection and fountains; well and environment protection.

Gate valves are the main control element of well Christmas tree and wellhead equipment. The gate is the heart of the valve. To increase the life of the valve the part sealing surfaces are plated with flame heated power.

A complex of underground equipment “the Barrier 6-ORE” provides simultaneous and separate operation of 2 wells (dual completion system). It is especially efficient for Arctic regions in multi layer deposit difficult operational conditions (gas condensate, mineral water, admixture of sand in liquid) and rigid requirements to ecology.

Gas lift equipment is used at crude oil production, as the energy of gas ejected from wellhead is utilized. The positive feature of the equipment is the possibility of using at the complicated well operating conditions: crooking of a trunk, low working level of output in gas, sand, and water conditions.

The mud wire lubricator LP1 is proposed for constraining of well bore pressure and securing of descent and ascent of the instrument on a cable rope at repair and maintenance operations without pressure variation in well bore.

Pneumatically or manually operating spider-elevators for gripping and holding in required position of the production and technological columns during up and down operations. The loading capacity is up to 350MT at tube diameter up to 324 mm.

Christmas tree control station provides remote control by actuators of shut off devices and safety valve for wells of gas and gas condensate fields containing H2S. The hydraulic drive ensures control with shut-off devices according to specified commands.

The wall packers are intended for a reliable disconnection of open productive strata from outer casing space of lowed casing of a string for a period of mud solidification to exclude of casing outer space leakage.

The well valves are applied to urgent shut off of drill column tube with the purpose of prevention of uncontrolled flow of a stream of working medium from well. Wide range of working temperatures is from -60 to +100 °C. As working medium can be used such fluids as mud, well water, gas, gas condensate, oil or mixtures.

The control valve (dia. 300, 400) are used on pipe line gas regulation stations, field gas storage and processing posts, linear section of pipe line, and at compressor and distribution stations. The control valve reduces and automatically supports prescribed level of gas pressure at valve exit in the case of inlet pressure variation or gas volume-flow variation.

Check valves with the damper are used for prevention back flow of transported liquid and safety operation for personnel and equipment.

Safety valves in traditional operation mode are proposed to reduce internal pressure of system under control for safety reason.

Subsurface safety valves are used for drill column tube capsulation to exclude strata fluid ejection.

Casing and drill-pipe pressure test installation is used for pipe testing by specified test pressure within the quality inspection program as entry test. Operational modes are semi manual and manual. External tube diameters are 127-245 mm, length 8500-12500 mm, operating pressure of model fluid 22,5-70 MPa.

The ejector is proposed for low-head gas transportation, for oil gassing in a gas pipe by pressure increase of low-head gas from 3,7 to 5,2 MPa by ejection, It is used in regions with mean temperature in the most cold week of the year not lower — 20 °C and relative humidity up to 100%.

The complex of blowout preventing equipment is intended for well drilling, repair, and maintenance operations, for environmental security. The complex incorporates: a ring-type preventer, die unary and twin preventer; control station for preventer and valve operation, a choke with hydraulic control and a control desk, crosspiece, and control manifold.


Die preventer is intended for capsulation of a wellhead with or without drilling tool in well at any height of casing string during drilling and other operations on drilling and well repair. According to specific requirements and external conditions, the die preventers can be as unary, twins or double twins. In the case of cutting die incorporation in the preventer design, the hydraulic boosters are also incorporated.

Well head rotated preventer with an elastic sealant is proposed for capsulation of drilling equipment providing security of rotating of drill-pipe strings, advance of tool to working position, execution of loading and rising operations under pressure of drill liquids, systems, gas, oil.

Wear parts (burner heads, elbows, trees, connectors, valves) along with packers, fishing tools, safety valves, ejectors, bellows valves are supplied to operating oil and gas fields annually.

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